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By Kellene Bishop

If there ever is a cause for a run on the grocery stores, the supplies will be depleted in thirty minutes.  That’s it.  One half hour warning is all you will have to get more food, more water, more produce, more seeds, more medical supplies, etc.—you and the rest of your community.  Yet in that thirty minutes, your local stores will only be able to supply less than 1% of your community with the goods they would need or hoard.  Do you really want to risk that you’ll be a part of that lucky 1% and that you’re fast enough to get all of your necessary goods available in that one half hour?

  • hackers-power-gridWheat shortages
  • Threat of Global War
  • Escalating oil prices
  • A trillion dollar national deficit
  • Constitutional freedoms being shredded
  • Threat of banking collapse
  • High rate of home foreclosures
  • Threat of H1N1 Flu epidemic
  • Unprecedented inflation of the dollar
  • Foreign hackers successfully tapping into the power grid
  • Skyrocketing unemployment

These are all sound reasons and even warnings why many Americans are beginning to wake up and take steps towards emergency preparedness today.  Thank goodness many are beginning to notice some signs which cause them to take such actions.  My greatest concerns are for those who still ignore the inevitable.  Grocery stores aren’t stocked for any kind of a panic.  They are orchestrated solely for a consistent replenishing of cupboards throughout America.  

Pakistan Petrol StrikeGas stations will last approximately one and a half hours depending on the day a rush to hoard comes into play.  Again, are you willing to risk that you’re a part of the select few who will have access to gasoline in a crisis? 

No one has to play Russian Roulette with the security, safety and survival of their family today.  Everyone has been sufficiently warned that the need will exist in which you will need your own emergency preparedness supplies.  Whether you’re a reader of the scriptures, or simply a viewer of the broadcast news, evidence is mounting just how vulnerable our current way of life truly is, and as such we must be prepared. 

Stocking up for the future is not only wise preparation, but it’s very therapeutic one as well as it exerts a proactive control in an uncertain world.  The choice is ultimately yours.  Will you prepare or perish, suffering needlessly?

If you would like Kellene Bishop to present an Emergency Preparedness message for your community or church group, please contact us at 801-788-4133.  Ms. Bishop is an experienced speaker and demonstrator on Emergency Preparedness topics and has created a great “Preparedness Party” platform which makes the learning of such a topic more enjoyable for all.

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