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25 Responses to “Class Schedule”

  1. James Talmage Stevens Says:

    Hi! I am the author of Making the Best of Basics and Don’t Get Caught with Your Pantry Down!

    Would you call me @ (210) 695-4950 (San Antonio TX) at your convenience?

    I have nothing to sell you, Ive been out of print on both books for years!

    I have a blogsite at

    Check me out. What I have are some free e-books you can sell or give away.


    James Talmage Stevens

  2. Kris Says:

    I don’t see Texas on the schedule:(

    1. Kellene Says:

      You arrange for me to fly down and somewhere to sleep, and I’ll do it for you!

  3. thesurvivalmom Says:

    I wish I lived in Utah and could attend your classes! They sound great, and I can tell you have worked hard to make them useful and entertaining.


  4. Rochelle Says:

    Hi I learned about your wonderful blog from another website and group I belong to ‘Another Voice Of Warning’ any way I was wondering if you had considers doing a webinar and or a dvd for those of us who do not live in Utah?

  5. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    We are looking forward to meeting you here in St. George, July 22. I noticed a small error on the location on your Class Schedule Page… It says “Bloomingdale” Chapel, It should be “Bloomington”
    Bloomingdale?… Sounds a little to fancy or hoytee-toytee for us hicks down here in Dixie.

  6. Emelie Says:

    I feel as though the Lord truly sent you to me at the right time! I will be at the meeting next friday! I’m so psyched! Thank you thankyou!

  7. Nikki Says:

    Your classes sound wonderfully informative. I wish I could attend. Have you considered doing webinars for those of us not anywhere near a class?

    1. Kellene Says:

      Yup–coming soon. Video tutorials and regular webinars. Stay tuned.

  8. Joe B Says:

    Yes… Texas. Maybe Austin can fly you down and then San Antonio can round out the visit? 🙂

  9. Dara Says:

    also could you let me know where the cheapest places to buy things I will need to survive? I have nothing at all yet.

    1. Kellene Says:

      I suggest you spend some time on my site and glean some of that info. I will e-mail you shortly.
      Best of luck!

  10. Barbara Says:


    I love the name of the couponing class – Enough and to Spare is exactly correct. Couponing is a great way to exponentially increase our preparedness whether we take the savings to purchase items that are normally not couponed or we are able to buy substantially more because of what we have learned through your coupon class.

    Thanks for being a master teacher!

  11. Deb Sutorius Says:

    Will you ever do your classes on-line for those of us who live at the other end of the counry? I find myself being really, REALLY jealous!!!

    1. Kellene Says:

      Yes Deb. We definitely will. Our first priority is the Preparedness Pro website that’s fully functional with all of the other items we want to provide you with. And then we will be doing classes! Be patient. 🙂

  12. Joi Says:

    Hello Kellene!
    I notice a gap in your classes from August 29-September 7th. Will you be on vacation? I’m only asking because those are the EXACT dates that I will be visiting Utah and was dying to come to a class. Could you email me if any classes come up!? 🙂

  13. heather Says:

    How do I register for a coupon class? Am I missing it on your site? I would like to do the class on 11/21 at Riverside Library. Thanks!

    1. Kellene Says:

      Just call Preparedness Pro at 801-788-4133 or e-mail Sarah at sarah (at) Preparednesspro (dot) com

  14. Sam Says:

    Pleases come to AZ. There are so many people here who want to learn about cheese!

  15. Georgia Says:

    Come to St. George

    1. Kellene Says:

      You put the group together and coordinate with Sarah here, and I’ll be happy to. The same goes for everyone who’d like me to come to their neck of the woods.

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