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Well, the day has come! We drew winners of the two giveaway items we’ve got for you. For this 2 week giveaway I’m giving away some delicious chocolate and some vanilla Morning Moo’s Milk Alternative. I LOVE this stuff. It’s got 2% milk fat in it, so it’s like drinking 2% milk. It has just a tad of sweetener to enhance the palatability of it. So… the winners are…*drum roll*

Lisa Lacoparra (you get first dibs on which flavor you want)


Debbie Kirk  (you get the other one)

Contact Sarah at preparednesspro dot com to make arrangements to claim your prizes!


PLUS, on the 15th and last day of each month, Preparedness Pro will draw a new winner for another great preparedness prize! Any relevant comment on the blog automatically enrolls you in the drawing. Prizes will vary from freeze dried foods, books, solar gadgets, and more! Maybe you’ll be the next winner. Keep those comments coming! 

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