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By Kellene Bishop

newspaper-stackI pay a whopping $15.18 a month for FIVE Sunday newspapers.  I do this primarily for the coupons which afford me to feed our family well and feed our food storage abundantly.  I easily multiply my investment by 10 times each month just considering the grocery savings.  But the multiple other purposes I use the newspapers for after compound those rewards and even makes me eager to take spare newspapers off of another persons’ hands. 

  1. Newspapers for an Emergency Use #1: You’ve no doubt heard of making newspaper logs.  But contrary to popular opinion you do not have to soak them and then roll them in a fancy paper roller to get them to work for you.  Simply roll them very tightly and secure them with a rubber band at each end.  They will make for a great alternative “fuel” source in an emergency.  Part of the reason why I don’t soak them is so that I can use them for alternative purposes as well.  (If you’d like them to burn longer, you can soak them AFTER rolling them in a light soapy water.  Don’t use these in a wood burning stove without being approved via the manufacturer.  But most accommodate such sources of fuel.)

    Newspaper Rolls photo c/o

    Newspaper Rolls photo c/o

  2. Newspapers for an Emergency Use #2: Newspaper makes a great insulator if you tear it into pieces and pile it “feather-like.”  You can also wrap newspaper thickly with duct tape around your pipes to prevent them from freezing in a harsh winter. 
  3. Newspapers for an Emergency Use #3: Newspapers make an acceptable substitute for expensive paper towels when cleaning glass or flat metal surfaces.   I especially like using them to initially clean out my Dutch Oven, solar oven, and grill—items that I’m sure I’ll be using frequently in the event of a power outage.
  4. Newspapers for an Emergency Use #4: I don’t anticipate having the luxury of using my clothes dryer in an emergency.  I also keep the newspapers so that I can spray a little Febreeze on the newspaper, stuff them as a tightly wadded ball into wet shoes and dry them out with a fresh scent, thus ensuring that the shoes keep their form.  (Turn the shoes on their sides for best results)
  5. Newspapers for an Emergency Use #5: If my ironing board breaks then I can use my antique iron with a stack of newspapers as my ironing board.

    Newspaper as an Ironing Board photo c/o

    Newspaper as an Ironing Board photo c/o

  6. Newspapers for an Emergency Use #6: I can protect my vegetable harvest by wrapping an unexpected early harvest in thick layers of newspapers and storing them in a cool dark place.  Even early picked tomatoes can be salvaged this way.  And along the way, I’m sure I would use my newspapers as a great mulch (black ink only), undoubtedly a luxury item in an emergency.  (Don’t use the glossy paper for this purpose).  Not only that, but a tightly wrapped wet newspaper will make a great trap for pesky earwigs in your garden.  Better than anything you can buy in the store.

Ultimately, I can always use a good rolled up newspaper to combat my husband’s teasing.  But that’s more of an everyday necessity rather than for an emergency. 🙂

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