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By Kellene Bishop

Whether or not this article serves as a wake-up call regarding the Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) is up to you.

I hope that no one who reads this feels that I’m motivated by “fear mongering.”  I do not share this information for any other reason than to reinforce the reality that you cannot continue to ignore or put off your emergency preparedness efforts.

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Today Utah announced two more deaths as a result of the swine flu.  One of which occurred in the county I live in, and another significantly further north in another county.  Our death toll has nearly tripled in less than a month, and this isn’t even the flu season.  I have two sisters-in-law who work as nurses for a hospital in Salt Lake City.  They claim that the majority of their patients right now are H1N1 virus patients.

So, here’s the alarming part of all of this.  In a very non-descript way, lacking any bells and whistles, the news article which reported the most recent two deaths today shared a warning from the local health officials here.

“Should the virus become more virulent in the fall, public health officials may ask Utahns to take additional steps in order to limit its spread.  Families should begin preparing for what they would need if they are asked to spend a week away from school, work or other activities.  Now is the time to update, or create, your emergency stockpile.  Items like food, water, tissue, sanitizers, over-the-counter medications and prescription medications are all useful items to have on hand in the event you become ill and are confined to your home.”

See for the entire article/news report.

Did you get that, folks?  They are trying to prepare us for the possibility of being quarantined.  This means that we will not be able to go to work, activities, or even school.  No Transformers movie, no dining out, and no scrapbooking parties.  🙂  While they attempt to make light of the warning by only using a “week” as a threshold for the quarantine, you and I both know that a quarantine would not be such a short period of time.

Dr. Margaret Chan of the World Health Organization photo c/o

Dr. Margaret Chan of the World Health Organization photo c/o

Let’s recap the reality here, folks.  The WHO has officially declared a pandemic status due to the H1N1 virus.  The death toll continues to rise in states all over the U.S., and certainly the number of confirmed cases continues to rise in spite of the fact that we are NOT in the peak flu season.  In fact, we’re supposed to be in the “non” flu season right now.  Time and time again the virus is misdiagnosed and missed altogether only to have the individual die later.  Lastly, the virus continues to develop and yet we are working on an anti-biotic/immunization treatment for what we have before us right now, not what we may have before us this fall.

Do what you will with this information.  But remember, in the event of a quarantine, what you have in your home, and ONLY what you have in your home, will be all of your resources for you and your family to survive on.  Are you ready?

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