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By Kellene Bishop

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Are you ready to survive a 90-day quarantine?  Is such a scenario even realistic? Well, let’s explore that. 

Suppose the flu virus did get out of hand.  In all actuality, it’s quite likely.  The most current strain is eerily similar to the Spanish flu virus of 1918 which went pandemic in less than 3 months.  It took the lives of over fifty-percent of those who contracted it.  It took only 8 months for it to kill 100 million people.  The only thing saving us right now is that the swine flu and the bird flu have not completely morphed to the point that it transfers easily.  Once that does occur, you can indeed expect to see a quarantine situation.  It means that each and every home affected by a pandemic must be ready to survive a 90-day quarantine.

Photo c/o AP

Photo c/o AP

Why a 90-day quarantine?  Because our government and the World Health Organization will definitely demand that the virus be halted.  This can only be done through a quarantine period of time that is sufficient to ensure that the virus ceases to be transmitted.  Ten to twelve weeks is that appropriate period of time to ensure that someone is past the incubation period and the virus is no longer spreading.  (But remember, it took 8 months for the Chinese to eliminate SARS from their country.)

While our nation has not experienced such a quarantine in over a century, I assure you that when a quarantine occurs, it will cause panic and unintentional deaths.  Many of these deaths will NOT occur as a result of the pandemic, rather as a result of a lack of preparation.  Being ready to survive a 90-day quarantine is about much more than just food and water.  To be sufficiently ready you will require several components you may not have previously considered.  

So what does this mean to you in terms of physical and emotional survival?  Well, for starters it means that the person’s household you planned on joining to live off of their preparedness supplies will NOT be an option.  You will be forbidden to travel under any circumstances.  While many have strategized that they will gather in groups to survive a crisis, such a plan under these circumstances could mean death to those who leave the sanctity of their homes.  However, travel restrictions may require you to stay right where you are which may be in a gathering.  This means that if you are visiting at Aunt Beatrice’s or on a vacation when the pandemic hits, you will have no choice but to stay put and ride it out for 90 days.  Ask yourself.  Do you have at least a multiple day survival kit on hand with food, water, a change of clothes, and simple medical supplies such as a dust mask for such an occasion?  Remember.  You must think in terms of surviving a full 90-day quarantine period.  

This also means that you will NOT be permitted to go to the grocery store or gas station for a last minute stock up.  A mandatory quarantine of this nature will require that the roads are clear of anything other than non-essential travel.  This also means that if you have the luxury of the quarantine order going into effect while you are home, you—and all those with you at the time—must be able to live off of the food, water, medical, and financial supplies that you have for three whole months.  It means you will NOT be able to visit your grandmother in the nursing home.  Depending on where you are, this could also mean that you will NOT be able to get to the hospital to give birth to your child—and frankly, you will not want to go to the hospital in order to avoid getting deathly ill.  Typically, only life and death cases will be admitted during a quarantine.  This means that many of the businesses you rely on will be shut down as the owners and employees will also be quarantined to their homes.  As such, this also results in many desperate individuals, unable to obtain their oxycontin or other drugs of choice, who may roam the streets.  Not only will you need to make sure you can survive in your home with sufficient food and water, you will need to make sure you can defend safely as well 

food-storageAnother consideration to survive a 90-day quarantine is whether you will be able to endure the flu itself should someone in your home contract it.  The food you have in your storage could literally mean life or death to all who are dwelling with you—not just from the standpoint of providing meals, but being able to provide nutrition for the ill.  Stocking up on effective anti-oxidants, intensely nutritional products, air masks, sanitizing solutions, WATER, FLUIDS, nutritional foods, and other needs are also vital for you to be prepared. 

Food, water and medical supplies are obvious needs in such a situation.  Please understand that regardless of whether or not you’re permitted to go out and work, your obligation to pay your bills, your mortgage, and credit cards will NOT go away.  In fact, in the midst of such an event, it’s likely that companies which find themselves financially vulnerable right now may act with less compassion and patience than they may have in the past.  

I’m not attempting to alarm or panic anyone.  But I assure you I will be quite distressed to think of all of the folks I know presently who are indeed NOT ready for a quarantine.  To me this is not a matter of IF it will occur.  It’s a matter of WHEN such an instance manifests itself.

Here’s a little bit of comfort for you.  Chances are, in a quarantine we will still have electricity and sewage services.  Thank goodness.  So that means that while we may have to endure a 90-day quarantine with people we don’t get along with 24/7, at least we can have some comfort.  Refrigeration should still be viable, as should microwave uses, and even video games.  🙂  Additionally, sufficient food for one person can be obtained for only a dollar a day.  You do not need to spend a fortune to get ready for such an instance. 

So, don’t panic.  Just get educated and get prepared.  You can indeed be ready to survive a 90-day quarantine.  And in fact, that’s just the beginning. 

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