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By Kellene Bishop

boring-emergency-preparednessOh my gosh!  No wonder why more people don’t get involved with emergency preparedness!  If you do an internet search on emergency preparedness, at least the first 20 pages of the links are downright BORING!  Ugh!  I’d rather actually be in an earthquake than try to live through another internet search on emergency preparedness again!  Make Al-Qaida prisoners of war read government articles on emergency preparedness and you’ll have no problem finding Bin Laden in a heartbeat!  Do these people get a raise for being boring?  If so, then I can understand why the government is out of money, ‘cause a heck of a lot of these government sites are more boring than watching paint dry, and in many of the articles which I read, they were just plain incorrect or overly simplistic in their advice. 

superwomanBut here’s the good news!  Emergency preparedness doesn’t have to be boring at all.  Instead of thinking “beans, rice, and dehydrated water” emergency preparedness can mean safety, strength, gourmet meals, family time, and peace.  And if you really think about it, there’s something almost heroic about “saving the day” like MacGyver by having the knowledge and the right tools to survive a disaster in comfort and security.  Don’t you think?  I have to admit, I DO feel like Superwoman sometimes knowing how to preserve eggs for up to a year, pasteurizing water with nothing more than the sun, starting a fire with seemingly nothing, cooking an awesome pot roast with no electricity in less than an hour, or being able to defend myself unquestionably with my “trusty tools.”  I mean, even Spiderman may very well starve if the transportation industry were interrupted for more than 3 days, or a natural disaster hit, or our financial system collapsed.  But me?  I feel pretty good about things.  What’s that kind of feeling and security worth to you?  I can assure you, with that kind of feeling, it’s definitely NOT boring.  Knowing that I’m ready for such an event has got to be a feeling similar to what someone feels who finishes the Boston marathon in one piece, or climbs Mt. Everest, snags that high-paying job against 200 other candidates, or a person who aces their thesis statement!  

Creating a pound of herbs out of three little seeds that I would normally pay five bucks for in the store is exciting to me! 

Flipping and appropriately confining a 280 pound, 6’4” ex-Marine in my self-defense training is exciting to me!

Getting closer and closer to living “off the grid” without feeling like Laura Ingalls is exciting to me!

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Photo by Thomas Hawk

We watch folks on reality TV live on an island, race across the world a million different times, or trek through Africa—presumably because it’s exciting.  But to me, being prepared is just as great of an adventure and instead of watching someone else live it, I get to each and every day as I better myself, gain more knowledge, and implement what I learn.  Real life as a prepared person is a heck of a lot more fun than watching a reality television show, a 30 second roller coaster ride, or a brief skydiving experience. 

Is emergency preparedness boring?  Nope, definitely not.  And it will indeed SAVE YOUR LIFE SOMEDAY, of that I am 100% certain.  So, how about joining me on this little adventure?  Come on!  It’ll be fun!

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