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By Kellene Bishop

Photo: James Davies

Photo: James Davies

With the market being the way it is, many are asking what is the safest investment nowadays.  I’ll tell you.  FOOD.  FOOD is the BEST investment today. 

Why?  Because if used properly, it’s life saving.  A meal today will always be worth a meal tomorrow.  Food is the best investment because Wall Street can never alter its impact on our appetites.  The rate of foreclosures can never diminish its taste.  The great thing about food is that competition reigns supreme among the grocery stores in most cities throughout America.  As a result, all kinds of food—from fresh to processed, from sensible to indulgent—can be obtained at an extreme discount.  Try buying stocks and bonds at a ninety percent discount or getting paid to buy them.  That’s exactly what happens when I obtain FOOD, thus truly making food the very best investment. 

Try chewing on a pair of $1,000 shoes when all of your power goes out for a month due to a freak storm.  Try living off of your gold bullion for nutrition and survival.  In such circumstances all of the Coca-Cola decorations, scrapbooking supplies, stacking dolls, and baseball card collections won’t be worth a penny.  As such they will all be downgraded in their value to a nuisance and perhaps even a regret.

In addition to that, allow me to indulge in being a bit prophetic.  Mark my words.  There are too many indicators coming from all different directions that the value of food is better than anything else you know right now.  I assure you, a bucket of wheat will surpass the value of a bucket of gold!  You don’t need to look very far (geographically or in time) to see that this is all indeed possible.  Food is truly your best investment.  While many may come up with never-ending excuses to abandon this wisdom—in exchange for an aesthetically pleasing environment, or the inconvenience of rotating the food, or having to gain more knowledge so that can be smart in the use of their supplies—these boil down to very short-sighted excuses.  Think about it.  How many of us have endured difficult education experiences and high tuition rates just so that we could provide a good life for ourselves and our families?  And yet we refuse to acknowledge the need to continue to educate ourselves with this relatively simple practice of storing foods.  I know many parents who firmly believe they would die to save their children’s lives.  Yes, but will you LIVE in such a way now so that you can save them?

Food is your BEST investment.  Water is also virtually free, so there’s no excuse not to obtain that in a hearty supply.  And just in case you were wondering, ammo is next on the list.

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