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By Kellene Bishop


To me Easter Sunday requires a great family meal, but for me it has to include some lamb.  However, after fighting a cold for nearly two weeks and knowing that I had a full day of church ahead of me, I just couldn’t see my way to cooking it the “normal way.”  So I pulled out my trusty pressure cooker and commenced my magic.  




First rinse off the leg of lamb with cool water.  (It usually comes with a netting from the store.)  




With a small paring knife cut deep but small in width “X” shapes throughout the side where the majority of the fat is.  Stuff garlic deep into these X pockets.  Then rub with a small amount of salt and black pepper. 




On medium-high heat, sear the lamb in your pressure cooker on all sides.  (Keep the netting on until you’re finished with this process.)  Once you’ve sufficiently seared the lamb, remove it from the hot pan, return it to the heat, and slowly pour in ½ cup of cooking wine.  (I use sherry for a lamb.) 




With a wooden spoon, scrape the bottom of the pan while the cooking wine heats up.  Be sure to scrape off all of the yummy bits of meat that was left while it was being seared.  Remove the netting from the lamb and then add one cup of water and replace the lamb in the pressure cooker. 




Place the lid on and bring to full pressure.  Cook based on 20 minutes per pound.  When it’s finished you will indeed have a juicy lamb.  I love eating mine with mint jelly and some cooked rice.  Yummy!

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