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By Kellene Bishop

empA new book has been released illustrating with surprisingly reality and extensive details what would happen to America in the event of an EMP attack (Electric Magnetic Pulse).  The book is “One Second After” by New York Times best-selling author William R. Forstchen, who talked about the possible impact of such an attack on the Sean Hannity Radio Show today.  I’m also quite partial to a book by Pat Frank, “Alas, Babylon” that was wildly popular in the 1950’s which explores a similar situation and the necessary results of human beings having to get back to basics and innovation.  For those of you who don’t know, such an attack is very possible and would paralyze our world as we know it.  It would cause a financial, social, medical, and technical chaos as you’ve never seen previously.  And it would certainly put us all in a true survival mode.  Your world without electricity is much more restrictive than you can imagine.  But with a little preparedness now, you’ll be just fine.  All you have to do is simply learn how to harness the unfailing power of the sun.

Even in the winter, sun powered items will prove to be a boon to your comfort.  Additionally, using the sun in as many instances as possible will enable you to conserve your other fuels such as kerosene, wood, and propane for other purposes.

solar-powered-ovenMy favorite “toy” is my solar powered oven.  It not only cooks things wonderfully, but it can also be used to pasteurize water.  (It also bakes bread, cookies, cooks meats, and everything else I can think of just fine and dandy.)

I also love my solar powered battery recharger.  I had no idea how much I used batteries until I tried to put myself on a battery buying hiatus and started using my stored up amount. I was so disappointed in how many countless batteries I had in my storage that didn’t work any longer.  Rechargeable batteries are clearly the answer, but not when you don’t have any electricity.  Duh for me!  Now, I’ve invested my money in the rechargeable batteries and a great solar powered battery recharger.  You can even find one that will recharge your laptop battery!

Solar powered outdoor lamps are a good idea as well.  I believe that they will provide some semblance of security for my home as I ride out the ensuing chaos in the event of an EMP attack or like magnitude.

home-solar-panelObviously there are some significant alterations you can make to your home at present by adding in solar panels for electricity.  (It’s safer and more practical than using a gas-powered generator, folks.)  With technology like this you don’t necessarily need to go without a hot shower.  This doesn’t need to be an expensive, new-fangled kind of solution.  For less than $350 you can make your own solar powered generator!  

There are also solar powered lights, radios, and cell-phone chargers.  Also a mere 15 minutes of sun daily can provide you with an entire day’s worth of Vitamin D.  Now that’s some lifesaving solar power!

There are far too many options on the types of solar products for me to give you a run down of a specific brands and costs.  I recommend that you do a search on “solar powered + emergency” on the internet.  Just take it one step at a time, but it would indeed be wise to take such steps.  And read “Alas, Babylon.”  I really think you’ll like it!

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